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 Welcome back to our Tactical Gear Comparison Series. Last time we compared two awesome mag pouch options that are really popular with our customers but today we have a fun one for you guys. Join us as we take a closer look at two of our favorite IWB carry options. The Blade-Tech KLIPT verses the G-Code INCOG. 


Contenders: Blade-Tech Industries VS G-Code Holsters & Accessories



Category: Design             

Description: G-Code’s design is unlike any we’ve ever seen. The entire holster is wrapped in what they call “Tactical Fuzz”. The material is suede like and isn't just incorporated into the holster’s design for looks. The tactical fuzz significantly reduces noise during carry, lowers the holsters reflective IR signature, and also shields water away with nearly a 0% water absorption rate. G-Code also teamed up with Haley Strategic Partners to create a multi positional belt clip. The design of the belt clip allows for deep concealment and incorporates a negative angle which forces the holster closer to the body. Blade-Tech’s ultra-thin signature makes it very comfortable and extremely low profile. Blade-Tech’s KLIPT design allows carry without printing even when wearing minimal attire. Your firearm will lock securely into the holster with the signature Blade-Tech click. The single belt clip is very secure while still allowing for quick removal from the belt when necessary. I cant forget to mention that the KLIPT was originally designed and field tested in conjunction with a Top Tier USSOCOM Military unit for use in covert operations abroad. 

Category: Weight and Dimensions                                  

Description: When shopping for an inside the waistband holster you expect the holster to be lightweight, comfortable, and minimal in size. Both of these holsters will surpass your expectations. Blade-Tech’s KLIPT holster weights just as much as the bag that it comes in! At 1.8 ounces, the KLIPT holster is one of the lightest holster options on the market. Not only is this holster extremely lightweight but its minimal design gives the shooter an upper hand when concealing their firearm. The 3” width and 6” length of the KLIPT Holster allows almost anyone to conceal their firearm without bulk while providing minimal print. G-Code’s INCOG on the other hand is a bit heavier coming in at 4.1 ounces. When you’re carrying you really can’t feel the difference in weight but G-Code’s 4” wide design is a significant difference. 

Category: Retention 

Description: G-Code’s INCOG offers their unique pro-safe tensioning which allows for tension adjustment in the holster while always maintaining a safe level of retention. The INCOG’s Fail Safe retention system offers you the sense of mind that your firearm is always secure. The KLIPT by Blade-Tech only offers its positive retention system which isn't adjustable but still locks your firearm snugly and securely into place. 

Category: Attachments  


Description: Both the G-Code INCOG and Blade-Tech KLIPT holsters are equipped with very solid clip attachments. The INCOG’s double clip design is excellent as you can manipulate the cant and also adjust the depth of your holster while carrying. You can also swap out the two clips for Haley’s Super Mojo adaptor which is an advanced, long reach, multi-position, mounting platform forged out of aircraft grade aluminum. Blade-Tech’s clip has similar locking features but isn't adjustable what so ever. 

Category: Price 

Description: There is a really big gap in prices between the two systems we tested today. G-Code’s holster retails at $69.99 which in all fairness is a bargain for what you're getting. The same can be said about Blade-Tech’s KLIPT holster which is priced at $27.99. The prices for these two holsters really reflect the options you have when owning one of these two holsters. *Pricing according to


Final Verdict:

Wow aren't I lucky to work in this industry or what?! These two holsters were really fun to compare but at the end of the day there will always be something/someone that is bigger and badder. In this case, the INCOG is the new hotshot on the block. It isn't very often that we come across something that is near perfect and G-Code really went the extra mile when designing this holster. Now I see why people wait up to 8 weeks to receive a holster from these guys (if you buy from YBS lead time is ONLY 2-3 days).  The KLIPT is by no means a slouch in comparison. If you're looking for an extremely affordable AIWB holster with minimal print and above average comfort, then the KLIPT is a great fit for you but if you want a holster that you can customize to your liking, wear while in any situation, and also feel like your firearm has optimal protection than the INCOG is the holster trophy piece that you've been looking for! If you guys have any questions about what you've read today please feel free to comment below or contact me directly at and we can get you squared away. Check out all of our holster options today at



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