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The Rundown: Blade-Tech Total Eclipse Holster

Posted by Anthony Castano on

Are you a tactical gear head with way too much unmarked gear? Do you have multiple holsters for the same firearm and it drives you crazy digging them out of your collection for carry? Blade-Tech Industries has created the perfect solution for your concealed carry woes, the Blade-Tech Total Eclipse.  

So what makes this holster unique and why should you fork out your hard-earned cash for another holster to add to your collection? ONE- you already know you can never have enough gear regardless of what your wife or girlfriend say. TWO- why on earth wouldn’t you want a holster that’s basically a transformer on your hip? Yeah thats what we thought. 

The engineering staff over at Blade-Tech Industries did an amazing job designing this piece of gear. The Total Eclipse holster allows you to carry outside the waistband at a straight drop or gives you the option of carrying your firearm with an FBI cant all by simply attaching the FBI attachment/wings to the belt loops. The contouring lines of the Total Eclipse essentially pull the holster into your hip allowing for optimal concealment and comfort. Allow us not to forget, this holster is also ambidextrous giving you the option to carry on either side of your body! Cool huh? Well, we’re just getting started. Not only is the Total Eclipse ambidextrous  and capable of giving you an option with how you cant it but its also able to transform into a IWB holster with the twist of a few screws! I know I made it sound like it’s going to jump off the table and transform into the coolest IWB holster you've ever seen all without the assistance of AA batteries but that’s not the case…it still requires some man/woman power. The cool thing is Blade-Tech went the extra mile and included some really easy instructions on how to convert your OWB holster into a slick non printing IWB animal! The clips that are included in the pack are really easy to install and even easier to wear. The locking design gives you the extra security you're looking for while carrying inside the waistband while also allowing you to remove the holster quickly when you're done carrying. 



So have we convinced you yet? If not than you're impossible to convince and you shouldn't be using such an awesome holster anyway *guilt trip 101* but if we did persuade you to step your holster game up than head on over to and pick up one of these bad boys! We ship FREE Nationwide (that includes you Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) so for $57.99 you can be assured that your firearm is never gonna be happier unless you're planning on dressing it up with some kick ass cerakote then this might be its second happiest moment (you get the gist). GO BUY A TOTAL ECLIPSE if you want an all in one holster system that will not fail you on the field, on the job, or during your daily life routines. AC over and out. 

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