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The Rundown: Blade-Tech/5.11 Revolution Holster With Tek-Lok

Posted by Anthony Castano on

Twenty Seven Dollars. Yes, you're reading that number correctly and you might be asking yourself why I wanted to start this blog with that seemingly random number. Well, this number is more than just a random number I pulled out of my head. This is the cost of one of the best OWB holsters on the market, the Blade-Tech/5.11 Revolution Holster. Here at YBS we’re all about carrying quality items that you can rely on regardless of the task ahead of you. 

This limited run of holsters designed by the partnership of masterminds at Blade-Tech and 5.11 Tactical has been hot seller all around the globe. The proprietary blend of polymers which offer performances in wide range of conditions is ideal for locations where the temperature reaches over 100 degree or situations that call for extreme movements in extreme environments.  

One of the nicest features of this holster is the customization factor. You can attach most of Blade-Tech's attachments on to this holster for your liking. For example lets say you want to shoot in an upcoming IDPA/USPSA competition and don't know which holster you should use. Look no further! The drop and offset attachment is great for lowering the holster under your plate carrier or 





 One of the really nice things about this holster is that it gives you financial flexibility which allows you to pick up a mag pouch or two (HINT HINT). So if you're in the market for a solid piece of equipment that won't break the bank, then the Blade-Tech/5.11 Revolution holster is for you! Give these bad boys a test drive at your next IDPA/USPSA competition or range day. 


Do you already own a BT/5.11 Revolution holster? Comment below, we'd like to hear what you think of them!





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