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Hyve’s Technologies Glock Enhancement Upgrades: The +2 Glock Magazine Extensions & Extended Magazine release

Posted by Anthony Castano on

Hyve’s Technologies Glock Enhancement Upgrades: The +2 Glock Magazine Extensions & Extended Magazine release

Hyve’s Technologies promise to give you more size and better performance...with your pistol.  The result might be nearly three pounds of black hard steel and polymer, but most ladies will in fact not be impressed by these Glock upgrades, or maybe they will (if you find this unicorn, lock it down). The fact is that there is a lot ways to improve your abilities behind the trigger.  Hyve makes two options that will prolong from hitting empty and get you back into the fight faster.  I present the Hyve Technology +2 Glock magazine extension and the Extended Magazine release for the 3rd Generation.

Training and equipment will ultimately be the two factors in putting rounds on target with efficiency. Hyve addresses the equipment aspect of that equation.  There’s no doubt that two extra rounds in the magazine means two more rounds in the fight.  But there’s added benefits to having a magazine extension. The Hyve magazine extension literally extends the length of the magazine to ensure a positive engagement of the magazine into the gun.  By adding length to the magazine more material is able to firmly seat into the gun even with springs at full compression.  Also having that extra real estate means you can get purchase on the bottom of the magazine to tug on should the need to strip the magazine from the gun or to test if the magazine is seated properly arise.

I tested the Hyve Extended magazine release with my Glock 17 which was previously equipped with a Glock 34 OEM extended magazine release.  Now not my favorite magazine release for carry due to its sharp edges, the OEM extended magazine release is easy to find while running and trying to find the next target’s A zone at your local USPSA match.  In contrast, the Glock’s extended release to the standard glock magazine release is one of those bite the bullet experiences, where you know the standard release might not engage 100% of the time in those precious moments if your hand isn’t in the perfect position.  Frank Proctor, lead instructor with Way of the Gun is one of the leading firearms instructors in the industry has repeatedly emphasized that extended controls remove extra movements and variables which means faster shots on target. So consider that, what makes the Hyve better than the OEM extended?  They are the same length and both smoothly operate without any unusual resistance. But Hyve took the time to machine the edges of the magazine release down.  They supply a bit of teeth onto the face of the magazine release for solid traction but not as much as the harsh edge of the glock OEM extended release.  The edge on the factory glock extended release is like a nagging mother/wife even if she means well, she’ll never let you hear the end of it, and the Hyve is the arm on your shoulder from a good friend giving reassurance.  While gripping the pistol, the OEM extended release will rub into your hand, while the Hyve’s machined tapered edges work around your hand’s contours.  It’s a very nice experience.

The +2 extensions from Hyve show some real thought for durability.  The aluminum base plate is constructed with smooth beveled edges and secured around the magazine with a rear plate and screw that goes into the base plate.  A little thread locking compound around the screws threads and this magazine base plate is not going anywhere.  Installing the extension is a simple affair but people should take note of the instructions as well as a couple additional minor notes.  The Hyve magazine extensions may not fit aftermarket magazines such as the ETS brand.  I tried putting one on however found that ETS’ back was slightly out of spec from the glock OEM dimensions.  So if you have a stockpile of ETS or Magpul Glock magazines be aware that the Hyve extensions were probably designed around the Glock OEM design (the only glock magazine I carry for self-defense). The other notable observation is that you should not use a grip plug with the Hyve extension.  The grip plug will obstruct the ability for the Hyve extension to seat 100%.  I was able to jam it in there, but doing so may mar and even ruin your magazine’s catch slot especially when in conjunction with metal magazine releases.


Use of the two components put together show good synergy.  The magazine release gave good feedback and no binding. The magazine extension weighs 1.8 ounces which is about 1.6 ounce more than the factory plastic flat base plate so there is a bit of added weight to help with empty magazines dropping free.  The extra two rounds you gain are going to be a tight fit but they will go in there. I did find that both additions to my gun were extremely well received from several other shooters on the line.   In some people’s eyes, it might be a frivolous upgrade, the equivalent of getting a fancy shift knob for your car, but I would have to say that the Hyve enhancements are both attractive, functional, and make no compromises in the daily usability.  They represent the highest of quality we should expect out of our tools to protect ourselves and loved ones with.

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