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Lead times SUCK....

Posted by Anthony Castano on

Lead Times Suck Ass:

How often are you sitting at your desk or couch waiting, wondering, hoping, your holster that you ordered weeks ago finally is processed and shipped? It was supposed to arrive a week ago but still, you’ve kept waiting.

Every day that passes as you wait for your holster, mag pouch, or tactical light to ship is another day your firearm sits in the safe totally useless to your every day carry essentials.

As the days pass, the closer you get to cancelling your order and the thought of buying a different firearm accessory to hold you over till the manufacturer figures their shit out is consuming your brain day in and day out….We've all been there... we see something amazing on Instagram or Facebook and we instantly want to be part of the craze. What's the first thing I do when I see something bad ass? I go straight to the manufacturer's website to order without researching other companies that sell the same exact item. I know I know that's foolish right? I should have hit up my Uncle GOOGLE for info on other retailers that sell the same thing but this is a very common mistake that millions of consumers make daily across the globe. So Stan how in the hell do you do it?! That's simple.... the customer is always first in our eyes. We provide a service that is nearly impossible to find these days when shopping with an online retailer.

Delivery Time:

Let’s face it, having the right holster, at the right time, at the right place, is critical to your every day functions as a firearm owner.

After years of emails and calls from customers and potential customers alike, it's unanimous. Lead times or shipping times is what keeps the customer up at night, it’s what delays your range days, your departments cut off dates on purchasing gear or simply delays you showing off your new purchase to your buddies who have also been waiting months for their guns next home. Well, meet your new besties at Your Buddy Stan! The shipping crew at YBS ensures both quality control when shipping off your purchase and they are quick to get your order processed and shipped off to its new owner. We get a thrill out of receiving emails and calls from gun owners stating that they’ve never received a holster so fast in their lives! The calls from our customers in Puerto Rico asking us if we have magic carpets dropping the packages on their porch in San Juan or the State Trooper in Alaska who's shocked that his new G-Code OSL and Streamlight TLR-1 shipped to his station in Borrow in less than 3 days. Are we magicians? Are the shipping gurus at YBS practicing black magic to get your next Blade-Tech holster to you in a flash? Hell no! What we’re practicing at YBS is commitment to the customer who’s banking on receiving their gear in a timely fashion. If an order is placed during our business hours (M-F 9:00AM-4:00PM PST) there is a 99% chance that the order will be pulled and shipped within an hour of it hitting our shipping system. Place an order after hours? It will ship first thing the next day with lighting fast shipping times that cost NOTHING to the customer.

The Process of Processing:

Our team of shipping rockstars hand pick each holster, magazine pouch, EDC Belt or whatever awesome piece of gear you purchased and pack it right away for shipping. This same process is replicated by every online retailer on this planet but the difference between us and them is we put you first. There is absolutely no reason that an in stock item should take more than an hour to process and ship (unless you bought it from some labor camp in North Korea). So you're asking yourself what's the point of this blog? What is My Buddy Stan trying to get at? Well, my friend (or shall I say "buddy") the answer is simple.... Stop wasting your time paying $10 for shipping and waiting 12 weeks for a holster you should have in your pants in a couple of days when it's clearly in stock! No one likes having to hit up USPS or the manufacturer to find out where their stuff is hiding especially when you have to check week upon week.

Are you one of the thousands of customers YBS has satisfied? Let us hear about your recent purchase at !


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