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Picture yourself sitting deeply in your couch on a Friday evening after a long days work, beer in hand, flipping through stations when all of a sudden you stumble upon what looks like the coolest belt you've laid eyes on, the As Seen On TV Comfort Click Belt! This belt is meant to make life a breeze with its Micro-adjustable 32-position ratcheting track system, the promise of not stretching out, and its $19.99 price tag... in your mind you're telling yourself that you just found your new daily carry belt that can double as a dress belt. GREAT! right?! Well, we're going to tell you what we think of the belt after our Bill Nye The Science Guy test... 

    The crew at YBS decided it was time to put the Comfort Click Belt up against the newest belt in the EDC world, The Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt or UCB for short. Blade-Tech Industries teamed up with the team over at Nexbelt to create a ratchet style belt that would hold up to the rigorous lives of us daily carriers while also providing nice styling for us pew pew'ers who also like to look dapper during the day. Now, by no means was the comfort click supposed to be an EDC belt BUT after numerous emails, comments, and messages on social media it seems like people were buying that belt system for daily carry use. The Blade-Tech UCB is specifically designed for those who carry a firearm every day for personal defense. The PreciseFit ratchet system allows you to quickly tighten or loosen the belt in ¼” increments up to 11 inches for the perfect fit no matter how you carry. The Ultimate Carry Belt comes in leather or military grade nylon each with a water-resistant backing to prevent moisture from penetrating the outer surface and allows for extra strength and durability while the Comfort Click only comes in leather which to me was more like plastic.... So how do these belts hold up under pressure? 

Packaging for both belts:

We tested the Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt first by attaching 300 LBS of sandbags to the belt and lifting the bags up by the belt using a fork lift. I know I know not extremely scientific but it did the job! The UCB's buckle and leather held up the weight but the track system failed catastrophically causing the belt to almost break in half but the thing still held that 300 LBS off the ground like a champ! The buckle kept latched to the belt and the leather did not snap.

After seeing how the Ultimate Carry Belt held up we were pumped to try the Comfort Click although we weren't necessarily optimistic about this belts strength simply by how it felt in our hands.... Time to test this thing out! Stan had some difficultly getting it to stay hooked up to his rig thanks to the glorious Seattle rain storm we had during our test but after a couple tries we got this thing hooked up. Upon lift of our contraption, the buckle system and the track system on the comfort click instantly failed without getting the sand bags off the ground. We weren't done testing it after its first failure we wanted to test the strength of the leather belt too. Stan rigged it up once more and tested it against the 300 LBS of sandbags. We called it.... the belt snapped in half before getting any of the sandbags off the ground once again proving that $19.99 will get you exactly what you pay for.... a crappy belt that we don't trust with carrying a fully loaded firearm.


The choice is clear... For $51.99 the leather Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt literally is the Ultimate Carry Belt for your EDC gun of choice. You can dress this belt down or up depending on the situation, you can carry a fully loaded firearm on your hip or inside the waistband without any issues, and you can lift up your 300 pound buddies without flinching haha Watch the whole test video below!

Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt VS Comfort Click Belt


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