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Aneto - Broths and Cooking Bases


Here at Aneto we daily, buy the freshest vegetables, meat and fish from the market. We carefully select and clean the ingredients with cold water, then we cut them, and simmer them for hours. All of our recipes are made out of ingredients that you are able to find in the market or at home.

We cook our recipes just as a natural broth is made. We make recipes which we love and we already have more than 26 of them.

This is the reason why in our broths there are no concentrates, no dehydrated foods and neither added flavorings. There is only existence of fresh ingredients and its particular own taste after simmering at a low heat.

Fresh ingredients simmered for hours over low heat

Depending on the recipe, we previously roast the meats, we sauté the vegetables with the meat or seafood for 2 additional hours or we leave the chickpeas soaking overnight and adding them to the broth. The whole process makes our broths’ texture better.

We place all the ingredients in stainless steel baskets which are directly introduced into kettles of nearly 800 gallons capacity.

After that we fill the kettles with cold water and just the right amount of sea salt. We simmer all the ingredients at low heat for three hours (two hours in the case of fish broth recipe)

Because there is only one way to make a 100% Natural Broth, just as it’s cooked at home. It’s the way we make it at Aneto.


100% Natural Broths



100% Natural Paella Cooking Bases




The ingredients we use are exactly the same as the ones used for the traditional recipes.
There is no contain of milk nor dairy products, so we don’t work with Dlavorings nor additives.
Our broths don’t contain gluten because we don’t use ingredients like: wheat, rye, barley, oat, additives nor maltodextrins.
There is no contain of eggs nor derivative products, so we don’t use additives.