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G-Code RTI Vehicle Mounting System


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The RTI Vehicle Mounting System is a multi-surface mounting platform which enables the end user to semi-permanently mount the RTI wheel to hard surfaces. The super strong adhesive holds the RTI platform securely without having to drill holes to install hardware. The adhesive strip can be removed by simply peeling it off without the use of tools or solvents. At G-Code, we have effectively solved the adhesive issues usually associated with adhesive based mounting platforms. The RTI Vehicle Mounting System...another solution for your every day carry needs.

*** Seriously consider where you are going to position the holster. Notice this individual is right handed but is using a left handed OSH RTI holster.*** 

DISCLAIMER: The RTI Vehicle Mounting System is equipped with a very strong adhesive that adheres to most surfaces. Testing of our adhesive process has shown the adhesive can withstand high temperatures and weighted firearms. However, as with anything man-made, we cannot guarantee total adhesiveness if exposed to extremely high temperatures or unconventional weight. Additionally, G-Code does not assume any responsibility or liability regarding possible damage to surfaces that are equipped with the RTI Vehicle Mounting System. The User assumes all responsibility and liability.

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