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Tenicor FERO


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Tenicor - Mindset / Tactics / Skill / Equipment

EERO - OWB Magazine Pouch

  • CAD designed mag pouch for performance and concealment in mind
  • Vacuumed formed Kydex around a CNC'd mold for a precise fit and crisp lines
  • Double action retention balances the confident-click of kydex with form fitting qualities of leather
  • Infinitely variable tension for your perfect draw
  • Integrated attachments reduce points of failure minimizing holster failure when you need it the most
  • Fit and Finish - Smoothed contoured edges and whole/unsplit rivets meshes seamlessly into your EDC
  • Made in the USA - Lifetime Guarantee
The FERO is a single-purpose mag pouch designed to work with the ARX holster from Tenicor.  FERO will give confidence by concealing your magazine firmly yet quietly and deliver the perfect draw so you know your firearm will be there without failure.